Our Story

We believe in solving every digital advertiser’s biggest problem – reaching quality prospects to achieve great ROI and brand recall. To facilitate this, we provide highly advanced and easy to use to digital advertising platform. Our highly scalable, Artificial Intelligent (AI) fueled, smart and effective platform connects advertisers to a quality audience of leading publishers and digital platform, worldwide. Indeed, it connects advertisers to the right customers, at the right time. We have created a transparent and brand safe advertising environment supported by real-time campaign updates. GTV Ads’s is one of the leading media buying platform.


GTV media buying platform – GtvAds, is infused with cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML). Our intelligent algorithms empower advertisers with precise targeting capabilities. With our self-serve platform, advertisers get the complete control of their campaigns. We provide detailed and real-time campaign reporting for more agile campaign management.
We make it easier for brands to reach the right customers over the internet. We offer media buying and programmatic advertising solutions to help brands reach their prospects, at the right time, and help advertisers increase their ROAS (Return On Ad Spends).

Meet the Team

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Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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