Transparent implementation of DSP Strategy

At GTVADS, we provide turnkey campaigns across a wide range of DSPs, including The Trade Desk and GDN in the U.S., Canada, and internationally. Our internal team of traders helps curate campaigns that provide clear strategy and complete transparency for our white label agencies and in-house brand teams. We provide complete services that ensure fraud-free delivery and access to gold standard private-marketplace deal I.D.s across 100+ of the top tier publishers in the world. Some providers build campaigns simply to spend as fast as possible or to drive the lowest CPM. GTVADS has the tools to provide optimal results from programmatic media buying. Because we provide up front service pricing, our clients can be sure we are focused on lead modeling and achieving the strongest campaign metrics available.

GTVADS is a leading advertising technology company enabling ad buyers to plan, create, execute and measure their digital advertising investments through a cloud-based platform. Through its self-service platform, GTVADS, marketers have access to over 10,000 audience attributes from the leading 20 data companies and the ability to purchase advertising across desktop, mobile, CTV, and Digital Out-of-Home devices.


Our team of media planners combine years of experience and machine learning optimization with enhanced productivity features that give marketers the flexibility to manage channel programmatic strategy, effectively hit complex branding and performance goals, and reach precise audiences with premium inventory across every TV device.


We work with the largest buyers of localized advertising, including multi-location brands, agencies, local media groups, networks, and trading desks. These companies utilize GTVADS to localize ad targeting and content, to deliver performance on high volumes of localized campaigns, and to provide deep insights on their dynamic audiences. Clients can choose from a range of fully supported SaaS to Expert Managed Services.