You’ll be confident that you’re achieving the highest level of ad quality, including above-benchmark viewability, dedicated brand safety and bot-busting delivery to humans when you partner with GTVADS.
GTVADS achieve this with cutting-edge tech and a team of industry experts, and by keeping real people at the center of our data.

Sites and apps are personally reviewed by our Traffic Quality team
Team members manually review inventory, maintain block lists, monitor traffic, process third-party site data, analyze server logs and conduct independent research to mitigate safety risks.

  • 110K+ sites & apps on our exclusive Global Blacklist
  • 1.2M+ sites & apps manually reviewed

Safety is enhanced by layered technologies

Our purpose-built technology identifies threats and verifies domains in real time, on every ad call. We maintain an internal list of blocked keywords, plus a customized block list for every brand. More than a million bids that we win daily aren’t served impressions, due to client-specific safety filtering.

  • 2.3B bid requests blocked daily from blacklisted IPs
  • 125M display, video, mobile & social impressions vetted daily
  • 15B bid requests blocked daily for page or site content

ions, due to client-specific safety filtering.

Our teams ensure that ads are viewable—and seen by the right people

GTVADS optimize for viewability on all inventory, eliminating anything that doesn’t meet our strict standards. Our Inventory team works directly with high-quality publishers to improve viewability on their sites.
We only deliver to consumer IDs we recognize, based on the anonymized, highly accurate transactional data of real people. With our deep understanding of each consumer, we know the best messages to deliver to everyone, driving incremental sales.

  • 6.5k+ person-level profile attributes
  • 96.5% verified cross-device matching accuracy

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